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Rose Valley Falls

Piedra Blanca

East Lion Falls

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Los Padres Posters

Los Padres Posters is an ongoing series of poster art highlighting the scenic beauty found within the Los Padres National Forest. The Los Padres region has some of the most breathtaking locations in Southern California. Stunning rock formations, dense chaparral, riparian and conifer forests, can all be found here. Mountain springs, spectacular pools, waterfalls and cascades all feed creeks that flow through pristine wilderness. All these and more await you in the Los Padres National Forest.

   located in the Sespe Wilderness, Piedra Blanca is a dramatic white sandstone outcroppping surrounded by chaparral. Close to the Sespe Creek, it has a unique beauty.

   Water from the lower section, drops 80 ft. over moss covered limestone deposits in beautiful, cascading ribbons before pouring into pools below. It's a beautiful sight.

   East Lion falls is a series of stunning, seasonal waterfalls located in the Sespe Wilderness.  Shimmering cascades and falls feed  the numerous emerald green pools.  


Santa Paula  Creek

Lion Creek

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Invisible Lizard poster

the Punchbowls

   Lion Creek is a seasonal creek joining the Sespe Creek at about 3oo0 ft. In the rainy season, this easy hike reveals beautiful stands of Bigcone Fir trees, roaring cascades and spectacular scenery.

This creek has everything, deep pools, cascades, waterfalls, rapids, easy access, and difficult terrain. The popular 'Punchbowls' is also located on this creek.

The Punchbowls are a very popular series swimming holes located on the Santa Paula Creek. The creek cuts through white rock which reflects through the water with an emerald green color.